Church Plant




-          To fulfill the Great Commission through Spirit-led gospel explosion evangelism

-          To plant and create cell churches in evangelized communities.

-          To train and disciple converts to become soul winners.

-          To identify, train, equip and commission leaders on the GEM ideals.


Mode Of Operation/Strategies

-          Carry out mapping of the area to identify viable locations for outreach.

-          Understand the peculiarities of the area (people groups, ethnic dominance, religious beliefs, business activities, etc.).

-          Identify a suitable place for cell activities; also suitable for conservation and maturation of the fruits of the evangelistic outreaches.

-          Launching out in strategic evangelism of the earmarked area

-          Collation of data of converts, follow them up and give their details to the ICT and Follow-up unit for assistance with data management and conservation.

-          Commencement of fellowship activities with the converts won no matter how many or few they are

-          Coordinating with nearby district church for purchase of materials equipment needed; and the deployment of more hands to join in the work until it is established.



-          To reach out to all language speakers in the various communities and plant language churches and cells. Using the KPIs of the adult GEM to grow their churches.