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Dearly beloved,

I am delighted to warmly welcome you to our homepage. You have come to the right place at the right time. Here, we are very passionate about your eternal destiny and committed to your spiritual welfare.  This is a website that has a lot to offer you – with unlimited access to life-transforming, systematic and expository teaching of the word of God and resources specifically tailored to meet your own spiritual needs; deepen your walk with God and add value to your entire life.

Our numerous resources are carefully prepared with you in mind- to satisfy your spiritual hunger; enhance your spiritual growth and; equip you for divine service, all round success and victory over the challenges of life.


It is now my greatest delight to invite you to commit the rest of your life to the Great Saviour, Jesus Christ, who died for our sins- to accept Him as your personal Lord and Saviour; to enjoy the warmth of our fellowship, and then travel along with us on this highway of holiness to our eternal home in heaven.

Once again, I welcome you to a lifetime of unforgettable and eternally-beneficial experience of walking with God.

As you continue to explore and enjoy the riches of grace uncovered through our numerous materials and online resources, may the LORD continue to richly bless you (Amen).

     – Pastor W. F. Kumuyi.



The International Friendship League (IFL) is an arm of the church that is fully focused on the vision and mission of evangelizing and spiritually nurturing influential men and women with the sole purpose of taking them to heaven.

It seeks to fulfil the mandate of the Great Commission and form part of the Gospel Explosion Movement (GEM) project.


IFL Profile:

The International Friendship League (IFL) is a non-denominational fellowship of highly influential persons every third Sunday of the month It affords participants opportunity of having concentrated worship, spiritual development as well as create room to learn from live testimonies of successful persons. Through the fellowship, members learn how to manage success and make heaven at the end of their journey on earth.



The outreach is to highly influential persons in the society. This covers top men and women in all areas of human endeavour. Examples are: The rich, the highly educated, high chiefs, top government officials, executives of corporate organisations, the professionals, emerging middle class, market association and union leaders.



Contacts through:

-          Outreach programme on monthly and yearly basis.

-          One-on-one outreach to dignitaries including foreigners.

-          Literature evangelism for specialized outreach to the highly placed.

-          Breakfast/Tea party Prayer meetings

-          The Cell System

-          Visitation/Follow-up

-          Phone Calls

-          Bulk SMS

-          Social media


The Programmes                                                        

-          Monthly special variety evening program (Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:15)

The program lasts for about 3 hours and has the following schedule of activities:

-     Welcome of Guests & Registration

-     Opening prayer/Choruses/Music

-     Introduction of dignitaries & ministers

-     Chairman's opening remarks

-     Fellowship hymn

-     Intercessory prayer, Announcements & Testimonies

-     Faith Discussion

-     Revival session with Pastor W. F. Kumuyi

-     Chairman's closing remarks

-     Benediction

A programme booklet which is IFL monthly magazine is produced for this purpose


-          Monthly special variety evening program (Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:15).

-          Mega outreach program (early special event) - (Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:15).

-          Weekly Cell Fellowship (Acts 10:38).

-          Monthly breakfast/tea party prayer meeting where applicable (Mt 9:10-13).

-          Appointment prayer meetings with  Influential Persons (Mt 8: 5-8).

-          Monthly literature evangelism (Lk 1:1-3; Act 1:1-2).



IFL Training is aimed at nurturing and equipping the IFL stakeholders/workers to fulfil the mandate of the IFL outreach.


Follow-up/Joint Database/Documentations/Reports

Monthly reports are made. Visitors and new converts are properly documented and included in the joint database for effective follow-up.


Stakeholders Backup Prayer Meetings

Chain prayers, fasting and prayer meetings are organised to backup the IFL work.           




Vision (where we are going) is very important in whatever we are doing as individuals or as a non-profit religious 

organization. We also need to clarify our mission (what we will do) to ensure we can achieve our vision. Achieving 

heaven’s goal of world evangelization is the vision of the church currently and we all need to strive towards it. 

This is how we intend to do so:


1. Support the regular measurement of progress towards achieving heaven’s goal of world evangelization 

2. Use data and information to inform or support leadership actions and decisions

3. Prepare for a future in which many worshippers will participate in church programs from home/online and 

pay their tithes and offering via electronic means.


1. Collect critical data on the various sections of work in the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (Churches, Women, 

Youth, Campus and Children etc)

2. Regular update of the church database to ensure accuracy and reliability of information being generated

3. Provide global but restricted access to the database through the most reliable and secure online platforms

4. Capacity building of ICT brethren to ensure improved skills and high performance


1. Support timely collection and upload of data and information on church programs and activities (SWS, MBS, 

MRS, HCF, SHSF, CFC etc) into the online database (dclmhub.com)

2. Support the effective analysis of the data church programs and activities to indicate gaps (absentees), trends 

(declining or increasing church attendance) etc.

3. Use the data on telephone contacts of visitors to facilitate followup and relationship building with invitees 

and guests

4. Use the database of visitors/guests in inviting people for special programs (Retreats, Monthly Programmes, 

Crusades etc)

5. Use the database of telephone numbers to establish WhatsApp platform to nourish and strengthen the 

converts and challenge the visitors

6. Annual update and analysis of Church Member Biodata with summary information or recommendations for 

implementation at District, Group, Old-district, Regional, State and National levels.

7. Training of new and existing ICT brethren on the church database platforms including quarterly meetings to 

resolve challenges arising from the work


            GEM  (ICT)


-          To spread the gospel news wide and far to all.

-          To capture our members Bio Data information in order to have

-          Full Knowledge of their personality and spiritual soundness

-          To visit them and follow them up

-          To identify our members anywhere in the world with specific identification number

-          To cater for their personal welfare, by identifying   the single, married, unemployed, retired, youth, children, adult, position in the church, position in secular work, educational achievement, age bracket etc. with the aim of planning programme that will suit their various individual needs

-          To ascertain the number of workers and members in the church.

-          To get a real-time data capture of invitees to church programmes, weekly services, special programmes, combined services at headquarters church, retreat and conferences.

-          To have a real-time data capture of our weekly services attendance on Monday Bible Study, Thursday Revival & Evangelism Training Service, Sunday Worship Service and House Caring Fellowship.

-          To assist the follow-up team members by furnishing them with a prepared list of converts, and invitees of our church programmes and weekly programmes.

-          To help in the publicity and branding effort of the church.


Methods & Strategies.

-          Appointment of ICT Reps in all church location, districts, groups and old-districts.

-          Development of database application software (church management portals) for church use that will cater for the need of locations , Districts , Groups and Old District Churches.

-          Training of ICT Reps at different levels – District, Group and Old-district –  on the  use of the software application.

-          Training of ushers and ICT Reps in the use of the database application for inputting weekly service attendance.

-          Assisting  in GEM training

-          Participating in the evangelism outreach using social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp etc and personal contact.

-          Capturing of invitees and converts Data into the system database and sending inspiring text messages to them within few hours of receiving their registration and converts slips.

-          Contributing to the evangelism programmes of the church through the use of social media and personal contact.


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