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-          To make converts of the guests who attend our Church Services and Programs

-          To nurture the converts till they are established in faith, conserved and integrated into the body of Christ in the local Church (our Districts).


Method of Operations 

-          Attend to guests during our program, ensure they fill and submit complete personal data to enhance follow up subsequently. A "Guest" is either a newcomer or a convert who responded to an altar call during a Program. "Programs" include all Services and Outreaches - Combined Services, Retreats,  Crusades,  Weekly Fellowships, School Outreaches, GEM Sections Outreaches, etc. 

-          With support from ICT Section, collate, capture and store the guests data in the Central Church ICT Portal (dclmhub. org).

-          Send initial follow-up SMS immediately after the program. 

-          Distribute guest slips to Groups and Districts after capturing for immediately mobilisation of Follow-up Team and Church members for follow up of the guests. 

-          Place phone calls and visiting the guests within 24 hours. 

-          Invite and bring them to weekly fellowships. 

-          Introduce Cell Units in the homes of those who will not come to the Church weekly fellowships presently. 

-          Invite and bring all the guests to Believers' Forum within 1 week after the first contact.

-          At the Forum, introduce to them the follow up programs specially designed for their steadfastness in faith and spiritual growth.

-          Start weekly Bible Classes i. e. Converts Classes. 

-          Prepare them for water baptism. 

-          Proceed to Discipleship training for them. 

-          Engage them and lead them out for personal evangelism, as many as are genuinely saved. 

-          Graduate them and absorb as many as ate saved as members of the Follow-up Team. 


Follow Up Strategies. 

For Organised Programs

The following are strategies to get Maximum Participation of Invitees and


-     Plan intercessory prayers e. g. to get the invitees attention, keen interest and have bountiful harvests through the program. 

-     Collaborate with GEM Publicity for effective mobilisation of members and invitees. 

-     Pre-register invitees, intending guests. 

-     Keep in touch with the invitees daily through SMS, phone calls or visits till the day of the program. This should include programmed daily SMS from the Group. 

-     Liaise with the Transport Section (officers) to provide buses assigned to guests only.

-     In residential program setting like Retreats, liaise with the accommodation and kitchen sections to make special arrangements for the guest’s accommodation and feeding. 


During Program

-     Ensure the Groups make adequate transport arrangement for the invitees and monitor the transportation to the venue of the program.

-     Register the guests at the point of entry into the venue, or welcome them during the Moderation session, depending on the program setting

-     Counsel and collect data of the guests during the welcoming address and during altar calls.


Post Program Strategies

-     Collate, capture and store the guest’s data in the Central Church ICT Portal (dclmhub. org).

-     Send initial follow-up SMS immediately after the program - appreciation SMS to newcomers and congratulatory SMS to converts. 

-     Sort the guests slips into Old Districts and handover to the Follow-up Reps of various Old districts who will in turn distribute to Groups an Districts for prompt follow-up.

-     Apply the Follow-up operations outlined in Section C above till the guests are genuinely converted, established in the faith, become useful and fruitful in the body of Christ.

-     Use WhatsApp and other Social Media to enhance follow-up activities


Non-Program Related Strategic Plan and Activities

-     Train the Follow-up Team members for more effectiveness.

-     Monitor Districts and Groups attendance to ensure the fruits of follow-up translate to numerical growth of the Churches.

-     Make follow-up visits to old members in our Districts (including Location Churches), especially the absentees from fellowships and those facing challenges.

-     Commit each member of the Follow-up Team to engage in personal evangelism 

-     Motivate others (workers and members) to function in the follow-up team, in view of inadequate hands in comparison with the follow-up work demand.

-     Provide follow-up supports to all other GEM Sections during their outreach programs.

-     Do regular reporting and reviews of the follow-up works for continual improvement. This should include weekly progress reports, monthly plan/performance appraisal and quarterly review of the entire follow-up works and strategies.



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