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The International Friendship League (IFL) is an arm of the church that is fully focused on the vision and mission of evangelizing and spiritually nurturing influential men and women with the sole purpose of taking them to heaven.

It seeks to fulfil the mandate of the Great Commission and form part of the Gospel Explosion Movement (GEM) project.


IFL Profile:

The International Friendship League (IFL) is a non-denominational fellowship of highly influential persons every third Sunday of the month It affords participants opportunity of having concentrated worship, spiritual development as well as create room to learn from live testimonies of successful persons. Through the fellowship, members learn how to manage success and make heaven at the end of their journey on earth.



The outreach is to highly influential persons in the society. This covers top men and women in all areas of human endeavour. Examples are: The rich, the highly educated, high chiefs, top government officials, executives of corporate organisations, the professionals, emerging middle class, market association and union leaders.



Contacts through:

-          Outreach programme on monthly and yearly basis.

-          One-on-one outreach to dignitaries including foreigners.

-          Literature evangelism for specialized outreach to the highly placed.

-          Breakfast/Tea party Prayer meetings

-          The Cell System

-          Visitation/Follow-up

-          Phone Calls

-          Bulk SMS

-          Social media


The Programmes                                                        

-          Monthly special variety evening program (Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:15)

The program lasts for about 3 hours and has the following schedule of activities:

-     Welcome of Guests & Registration

-     Opening prayer/Choruses/Music

-     Introduction of dignitaries & ministers

-     Chairman's opening remarks

-     Fellowship hymn

-     Intercessory prayer, Announcements & Testimonies

-     Faith Discussion

-     Revival session with Pastor W. F. Kumuyi

-     Chairman's closing remarks

-     Benediction

A programme booklet which is IFL monthly magazine is produced for this purpose


-          Monthly special variety evening program (Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:15).

-          Mega outreach program (early special event) - (Mt 28:18-20; Mk 16:15).

-          Weekly Cell Fellowship (Acts 10:38).

-          Monthly breakfast/tea party prayer meeting where applicable (Mt 9:10-13).

-          Appointment prayer meetings with  Influential Persons (Mt 8: 5-8).

-          Monthly literature evangelism (Lk 1:1-3; Act 1:1-2).



IFL Training is aimed at nurturing and equipping the IFL stakeholders/workers to fulfil the mandate of the IFL outreach.


Follow-up/Joint Database/Documentations/Reports

Monthly reports are made. Visitors and new converts are properly documented and included in the joint database for effective follow-up.


Stakeholders Backup Prayer Meetings

Chain prayers, fasting and prayer meetings are organised to backup the IFL work.           


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