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-          Lack of effective publicity often lead to the low turn outs at church programs. With a good team in place, it is hoped that the attendance targets at church programs (both inside and outside the church) will be fully realized.

-          To raise an army of believers to publicise our outreaches, retreats and weekly programmes

-          To re-ingnite our passion with the essentials of reaching out to people and places outside the church

-          Increasing turn out at every gathering and progams of the church

-          Design, produce and distribute publicity materials throughout the various groups of districts


Strategies/Mode Of Operation

-          Appoint vibrant leader to lead the publicity team in all the groups of districts

-          Each publicity squad to appoint leaders for district and location churches in cooperation with the Group Pastor.

-          Train the squad and equip them for effective publicity

-          Find out the population of the areas targeted for publicity and initiate strategies to reach all the classes.

-          Position publicity squad members in every area to do person to person invitation of outsiders to church programs and events.

-          Use all publicity methods, print and electronic media and specialized strategies to attract attention.

-          Assist in following up the converts won during the program.

-          Assist in cell and church planting efforts.


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