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Charlie Couson - The Christian Drummer Boy

The following story is a true account, taken from an old, out-of-print book called “Touching Incidents And Remarkable Answers To Prayer”. It was complied by S. B. Shaw and published in 1894 “I was a surgeon in the United States Army during the civil war. After the battle of Gettysburg, there were hundreds of wounded soldiers in my hospital. Many were wounded so severely that a leg or an arm, or sometimes both, needed to be amputated. 

Others May I cannot

Others may do as they please, I must not do what my fallen nature suggests lest I be drowned - I must do as He pleases. Why should I call Him Lord, Lord and not do what He wants? Others may deceive to receive a blessing from man; my heart is fixed on receiving from God before whom all liars are cast away into eternal burning. Others may follow multitudes to do evil what is that to me? If I must go to heaven my company has to be few for few there be that find the way of life.

Who is a Christian?

The questions are often asked, “Who is a Christian? How do I know a Christian if I meet one? Does Matthew, Luke, or John pass for a Christian? Is everyone who raises up his hand in response to a preacher’s call to repentance a Christian? Does everyone who passes through the church isle to the altar pass for a Christian? Are all those in church pews during church services Christians? Who is a Christian? Finally you may ask, “Am I a Christian?”

Only One Life

He could have become a Christian, but he became a criminal. He could have lived a missionary, he decided to be millionaire. Early in life, you would have thought a John was in the making, but he ended up being a Judas. We thought he would be another Paul, but he became another Pilate. If he had given his life to Christ on that day of decision, the world would have rejoiced for another Wesley, a proclaimer of holiness,

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